Poker 88 Asia

Poker 88 is a fast-growing online poker site in Indonesia. It is a multi-platform poker site available on both Desktop and Mobile (Android/iOS). Poker 88’s offerings are especially optimized on their mobile platform – with special bonuses available for its mobile players.

With Indonesia’s huge population of 260 million and growing smartphone penetration, Poker 88 stands to serve a large market of Poker players. And with Poker best played with your best mates, there’s plenty of poker winnings to collect by regularly playing on the site.

Do we recommend playing on POKER 88?

If you’re an Indonesian player looking to play poker online with plenty of bonuses, then we definitely recommend playing on Poker 88

From a simple registration process, rewarding referral program, jackpots & bonus programs all rolled into one poker site, Poker 88 has plenty of things to offer for its Indonesian players. Check out our breakdown of what makes Poker 88 a good site to play poker in.

Registration process in Poker88

Registration on Poker club 88 is easy and straightforward – NO DEPOSIT required! Simply fill out the required information to start playing online poker on Poker 88:

  • Username
  • Nickname
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Email
  • Telephone Number
  • Validation Code

Finish this registration by typing in the verification code sent either on the email or phone number provided. Make sure to save that verification code as it is required for other secure transactions with Poker 88.

This leads us to a convenient segue into Poker 88’s security.

Security in club Poker 88

Poker 88 utilizes a secure encryption system typically found on reliable online poker sites. Indonesian players can very well rest easy that their transactions – especially their winnings – are secure with Poker 88.

Mobile security is one of Poker 88’s top priorities. Since most of its players are using the Poker 88 Mobile App, Poker 88 implements security protocols and fraud checks to prevent any kind of abuse or misuse through its application.

The Poker 88 Mobile App is an application available on both Android and iOS devices. The application allows cross-platform play which means iOS and Android players can play with each other anytime and anywhere!

Poker 88 Games

Poker 88 games include the most popular online card games available. Here are the casino games available on the site today:

  • Poker (Texas Hold’Em)
  • Super 10
  • Omaha Poker
  • Ceme
  • Ceme Keliling
  • Domino

Ceme and Ceme Keliling might be new to most online casino players, but certainly not to Indonesian players. They’re popular variations of Poker popular in Brazil, Indonesia and Pakistan. There are plenty of guides on the internet on how to play this game. Most of which are in Indonesian.

Payment options

Poker 88 uses a Single Wallet System for the convenience of its players. For you new online casino players out there, here’s a bit of an online casino history: most online casinos used to compartmentalize the player’s funds into separate wallets meant for Slot Games, Table Games, and Live Casinos, respectively. Let’s say a player makes a deposit of 100 USD on his account and the player appropriates 50 USD to his Slot Wallet and the other 50 USD to his Live Casino wallet.

If the player uses up all his Live Casino balance playing Poker, he/she cannot use the 50 USD he/she allocated for Slot Games. The player would be required to go through the whole process of depositing money to his/her Live Casino wallet once again.

Poker 88, along with other modern online casinos, adopted a Single Wallet System for a much more straightforward gaming experience. Players can simply deposit once to play all the games they wish to play on the site.

Payment Providers

Poker 88 allows players to deposit through online payment providers and bank transfers.

The site is partnered with Indonesia’s biggest banks for the peace of mind of its players. These include Indonesia’s biggest and most well-known for bank transfers:

  1. Bank Central Asia (BCA)
  2. Bank Mandiri
  3. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
  4. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)
  5. Bank CIMB Niaga
  6. Bank Permata

A more discreet (and reliable) alternative is also available for those not wanting to have their gambling records right next to their credit, for obvious reasons. Players who wish to deposit through an online payment provider may do so with Voucher88.

Poker 88’s minimum deposit is 25,000 Indonesian Rupiah. This minimum deposit could be subject to change depending on promotions the players wish to participate in.

Customer support Poker88

Poker 88 offers 24/7 localized customer support for its players. Issues and concerns may be directed to customer support  via the following channels

1Live Chat on Poker 88’s Website
2BlackBerry WorldD89D20D6
3Poker 88 Customer Support Line(+62)-821-470-72-740
4Poker 88 WeChatCSPOKER88

It’s a good thing this poker site offers multiple ways to reach their customer support as players will have a preference (usually a method they already have or is at least accessible)