Jackpot prizes Poker club 88

It’s not lost on Poker 88 that what draws players is the excitement of playing for huge Poker jackpots; Poker is a winner-take-all game, after all! That’s why Poker 88 features scheduled tournaments players can participate in almost every week.

Poker 88 offers tournaments on popular Poker games such as Texas Hold’Em and Omaha. Whatever player preference for the classic card game is, this site pretty much has its players covered with a healthy selection of Poker games and exciting jackpot prizes.

The site announces every jackpot up-for-grabs on their site and through their mobile application. Since Poker 88’s player base is largely on mobile, special jackpot promotions are available for players playing on the Poker 88 Mobile App.

The Multi-Jackpot System is one of Poker 88’s main jackpot attractions. Here’s how it works:

To participate, Poker 88 gives you the option of purchasing a “Jackpot” at the beginning of a Texas Hold’Em Poker match. This “Jackpot” comes in three different denominations: 100, 500, 1000 and 2000 (available only for VIP Table and above) Indonesian RP.

The jackpot you purchase serves as a base value to be multiplied by a fixed multiplier set accordingly with your winning hand. Multi-Jackpot System’s Multipliers are as follows:

  • A Full House awards players with an x 10 Jackpot Multiplier
  • A Four of a Kind awards players with an x 250 Jackpot Multiplier
  • A Straight Flush awards players with an x 1 200 Jackpot Multiplier
  • A Royal Flush awards players with an x 10 000 Jackpot Multiplier
  • A Super Royal Flush awards players with an x 30 000 Jackpot Multiplier

Let’s say you purchased a Jackpot of 1000 and you win the Poker match with a Royal Flush, Poker 88 will calculate your Multi-Jackpot System Winning as:

  1. 1 000 (your purchased Jackpot) x 10 000 (Royal Flush Multiplier) = 10,000,000 RP
  2. NOTE: This Jackpot winning is ON TOP of your Poker winnings for that round!

The Multi-Jackpot System is but one of Poker 88’s many Jackpot offerings for its poker players. The site also offers other programs, especially for you bonus hunters out there!